Complement your living room with our beautifully made nesting stools. Istikbal nesting stools designs can exhibit style and personality to any space. As it complements with the rest of the home décor, your guests can understand your unique style and personality type.

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Misty Nesting Stools

Modern nesting tables in anthracite shade with touches of earthy color. They have a simple, but at the same time imposing design due to their special shade. For a complete aesthetic result, combine them with the  Misty coffee table.

Retro Nesting Stools

Coffee tables with a simple design consisting of three independent pieces. They combine and marry harmoniously earthy and cool shades. Ideal for lovers of minimal design. For a complete aesthetic result, choose the central coffee table of the corresponding series.

Roma Nesting Stools

Impressive side tables in three different sizes. They are available in an earthy color and have original metal bases in a bronze shade. Combine them with the centre coffee table of the corresponding series.

Talia Nesting Stools

Modern nesting coffee tables with a minimal design. They combine the warm shade of walnut with black elements. Their original metal base elevates their style. They are available in two sizes. Combine them with the Talia central coffee table.