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Active Life Bronze Mattress

KSh 145,000.00
The best choice for a comfortable sleep. System of independent springs, made of steel wire, each placed independently in its own fabric case. This construction ensures full orthopedic support to the body, allowing the springs to work individually, as a result of which the vibrations are completely absorbed and the movement of the one next to it is not noticeable. Soft special knit fabric with numerous holes that provides comfort during sleep and contributes to better air circulation inside the mattress. Multiple layers of foam and underlay filled with material that contributes to the even distribution of weight (Thermofelt). High-density reinforcing foam around the perimeter of the mattress that prevents its deformation. Number of springs: 250 per m²
The pocket spring unit system is the best of its kind, thanks to its unique adaptability and unsurpassed durability. The springs are made of high carbon steel. Each one is individually placed in its non-woven case (fabric made by thermal and mechanical treatment), which are connected to each other.
The unique properties of the system are also due to the independence of the springs: 1. Maximum adaptability to each body, since it offers support proportional to the weight applied to it 2. Ideal support for the spine, since it follows the natural curves 3. Elimination of the transmission of of movement from one to the other 4. Use of at least twice as many springs per unit area, compared to other systems (up to 715 springs per m2) 5. Incomparable resistance over time

Active Life Gold Mattress

KSh 200,000.00
Istikbal 's exclusive Active Life Gold mattress sets new standards, ensuring the most beneficial and relaxing sleeping environment. Studied down to its last detail, it was designed to provide full support to every aspect of our spine. It is made of special 5-level Pocket springs, with a different degree of resistance at each level to provide ideal support for the back and shoulders, waist, knees, hips and extremities. It perfectly supports the body and distributes its weight evenly on the surface of the mattress, reducing the need for turning during sleep. It has a foam material with 5 support zones with elasticity and an adapted cut, so that it exerts the right pressure on every part of the body. Orthopedist technology fabric with a soft texture, with numerous holes for better air circulation inside the mattress. The Orthopedist fabric contributes to the support of the musculoskeletal system and thanks to the technology of mineral salts it contains, it stimulates our metabolism and improves their circulation in our body.

Blanca Sofa Set

KSh 1,325,000.00
The Blanca Sofa Set is a stunning ensemble that comprises a 2 3-seater sofa bed and 2 wing chairs. This set effortlessly combines style, comfort, and functionality to elevate your living space. Crafted with attention to detail, the Blanca sofa features a 3-seater design that converts into a comfortable bed, adding versatility to your living room. The accompanying wing chairs complement the sofa, providing extra seating while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space. Whether you're hosting guests or enjoying a cozy night in, the Blanca Sofa Set offers the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. With its contemporary design and practical features, this set is a must-have addition to your home.

Connect Bed

KSh 240,000.00
Experience Luxurious Comfort with the Connect Bed – Burgundy Unmatched Elegance for Your Bedroom Elevates your bedroom aesthetics with the

Elite bedroom set

KSh 735,000.00KSh 745,000.00
Luxurious mother-of-pearl bed with gold references and fabric on the headboard. The base consists of a wooden construction with metal reinforcement at the bottom, while the surface on which the mattress will rest is uniform, for better long-term maintenance. The fabric in the headboard design is stretchy and available in various shades. Bringing the elegance of ivory to the bedrooms, the Elite set draws attention with its marble pattern applications on the furniture tops, golden yellow details and avant-garde style. Elite, which is admired for its aesthetic appearance, promises to make your life easier with its functional features. You can safely include this set, which is manufactured with health-friendly materials, in your decoration.

Elite Tv Unit

KSh 165,000.00
The Elite TV Unit offered by Istikbal is a stylish and functional furniture piece designed to enhance your entertainment area. This unit is designed to accommodate your television and media devices while providing additional storage solutions. The Elite TV Unit features a modern design that seamlessly blends aesthetics with practicality.

Elizya S Corner Sofa

KSh 440,000.00
The Elizya S Corner sofa from Istikbal Kenya, is a stylish corner set that adds beauty to any home. This set features an L-shaped sofa with a contemporary design, providing both comfort and aesthetics. With a 24-month warranty, the Elizya S Corner sofa offers a blend of quality and style, making it a perfect addition to your living space. Explore the elegance of Istikbal's furniture and enhance the ambience of your home with the Eliza S Corner sofa.

Elizya S sofa set

KSh 975,000.00
Elizya S Sofa Set is a stunning furniture piece that combines style, comfort, and versatility. Crafted with attention to detail, this sofa set from Istikbal offers a modern design approach that effortlessly enhances the ambiance of your living space

Lena Plasma Lower Tv Unit

KSh 110,000.00
The LENA Plasma Lower TV Table offered by Istikbal is a versatile and functional piece of furniture designed to enhance

Mary Dining Room Set

KSh 530,000.00
The epitome of modern style in a table that combines the warm shade of walnut with the commanding presence of black. It is openable and has a double-action mechanism for simple and easy handling. Spacious, with simple lines, ideal for lovers of modern design. The series also has an alternative fixed table. For a complete aesthetic effect, combine it with the rest of the  Mary dining room furniture.

Massimo Dining Set

KSh 1,440,000.00
The Massimo dining set offers an exquisite ensemble featuring a dining table, 4 seats, a buffet table, and a mirror. With its luxurious design, the Massimo Dining Collection stands out, offering an array of dimensions and styles to choose from, including buffet tables, mirrors, side chairs, and various sizes of dining tables. The Massimo dining table, crafted from a heavy iron base and a solid oak wood top, exudes an industrial charm with a touch of rustic appeal. Whether you're hosting gatherings or enjoying meals with family, the Massimo dining set provides elegance, comfort, and versatility to elevate your dining experience.

Massimo Tv Unit

KSh 325,000.00
The Massimo TV Unit by Istikbal is a stylish and functional furniture piece designed to elevate your TV watching experience.