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Blanca Dining Room Set

KSh 1,020,000.00
The Blanca Dining Room Set by Istikbal is a luxurious and functional ensemble that includes a dining table, 6 seats, a buffet table, and a mirror. This set offers a timeless elegance to your dining area, reflecting your unique taste and personality. The Misty Dining Table is the centrepiece, providing style and functionality, while the seats ensure comfortable dining experiences. The buffet table adds storage and serving convenience, and the mirror complements the set with its sophisticated design. Whether upgrading your dining space or hosting memorable gatherings, the Blanca Dining Set creates an ambience of comfort and beauty that aligns with Istikbal's reputation for quality and aesthetics

Massimo Dining Set

KSh 1,440,000.00
The Massimo dining set offers an exquisite ensemble featuring a dining table, 4 seats, a buffet table, and a mirror. With its luxurious design, the Massimo Dining Collection stands out, offering an array of dimensions and styles to choose from, including buffet tables, mirrors, side chairs, and various sizes of dining tables. The Massimo dining table, crafted from a heavy iron base and a solid oak wood top, exudes an industrial charm with a touch of rustic appeal. Whether you're hosting gatherings or enjoying meals with family, the Massimo dining set provides elegance, comfort, and versatility to elevate your dining experience.

Mitra Dining Set

KSh 950,000.00
The Mitra Dining Set from İstikbal includes a dining table, 6 chairs, a buffet table, and a mirror. The dining table in this set is extendable, allowing you to adjust its size according to your needs. This feature adds flexibility to accommodate varying numbers of guests and optimize space in your dining area