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The Biggest Interiors Trends of 2022

1. Embrace rich chocolate browns and lighter camel colours

These warmer tones feel more welcoming and are a backlash to the oversaturation of grays. Opting for a shade of chocolate browns feels more unique and custom.

2. Welcome the return of Maximalism

Minimalism was so popular (and still is) for so long that maximalism is bound to continue to make a comeback. Maximalism is all about embracing ‘extra’—be it a floral velvet or bullion fringe. Richly hued palettes with layers of color and texture might take over in the new year. 

3. Create moody spaces with cosy palettes

Moody spaces feel a bit more expressive and are certainly cozier. Seems like using aubergine, hunter green, black, and warmer alternatives to white such as taupe, beige, and cream will be more trendy this year.

4. Antique revival is just around the corner

You better incorporate reworked vintage finds and heritage furnishings into the home, as well as incorporate more custom furniture pieces to make your home uniquely yours. Antiques will be very popular this year, though try putting something old next to something new!

5. Enjoy your dark kitchen!

Kitchens have really changed in the last five years—and darker and moodier colours will become even more popular this year. Leathered stones, such as granites, marbles, and quartzites might work well to create a moody kitchen! The matte and slightly bumpy texture tends to hide messes, which is both a pro and a con! But it is great for people who don’t necessarily want to clean their countertops all of the time: ) These materials are going to be increasingly popular in 2022.

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