How to choose your TV unit

With a sophisticated and long-lasting edge, we provide fantastic tv units designed for your house – and you can learn all about them below. If details are essential for you, and you’re looking for something extraordinary, with a large selection to choose from, then you’re at the right place. Maybe your style is classic or modern with a twist. No matter how hard you are to please, we’re sure you’ll find something for your taste at Istikbal.


Here in Istikbal, we provide high-quality furniture for you and your family. Hence, incorporating an exquisite design is very important for us. That’s why we offer a wide variety of collections. 

TV Units have become one of the mainstays of modern living room furniture design. Much like the coffee table, the TV shelf is always a recognisable feature in the home and represents the contemporary family living room.

We can offer your TV tables and TV units from ranges such as our Armony TV Unit, Gusto TV table or Elite TV Unit for traditional elegance. All of these collections also encompass thick supportive wooden frames for a durable guarantee.

In Istikbal, we also provide TV units from our smaller yet still sophisticated collections. These collections offer nostalgia inspired designs, as well as fresh revolutionised styles. You can have a look at Elizya or Lima TV Units. We can guarantee that you will find a premium TV shelf or unit for designing your living room in a considerably aesthetic way. After reading this guide, we hope you are more enlightened about our TV units’ fantastic qualities and a better idea of how to transform your living room.


One of the best features regarding our Wooden TV Units collection is the vast range of sizes that we have available. Not only does this mean you will be able to find a unit big enough for your brand new 52″ TV, but also one that can adapt to your home design as well.
You can choose from a classic variety of individually shaped tv units.

Our simple shapes can be used to complement sofas and coffee tables and acts best against a flat wall or even stretched across a corner. These types of sizes can be used in living rooms or bedrooms as well, depending on your needs. 

How to look after your TV Unit

TV units are at the forefront of any excellent living room design. As such, you need to make sure you care for your tv unit appropriately and treat it with care.

  1. It is crucial to keep up to date with light cleaning. You can start with a duster or linen cloth. By gently sweeping in one direction or light circles, you can remove that first layer of built-up bacteria. We do not offer advice to use harsh chemicals or polish on these units.
  2. If your unit appears scratched or damaged, we offer a range of coloured wooden pens that are specifically designed to touch up any colourless areas of your TV unit. These pens will last for a while, meaning you can always cover up little bits of your TV shelf.
  3. If the wood’s overall colour has dispersed or lightened, we offer a well-made furniture wax for either a light or dark colour item. It is best to retrieve a wax brush or light fresh cloth while making sure the fabric is without loose fibers. It would help if you made sure the unit is cleaned properly and is clean of any dirt. Apply the wax in small circular motions, attempting to travel along the wood grain for a more natural polished effect. After finishing this thin coat, leave for anywhere between 30 minutes to the next day (it is best to leave overnight). The final step is to use a new cloth and buff it slightly in small circles. This process can be repeated until you achieve the desired dark or lightness.

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