The solution for disinfecting fabric and furniture

With new facts coming out on how to stay safe during a pandemic, one thing remains the same: personal hygiene. A virus does not stay on soft surfaces as much as it will on harder surfaces such as wood, metal plastics, and laminates. We highly recommend washing your hands for approximately 20 seconds to ensure no spreading of the virus. So personal hygiene is the first of many steps to ensure your furniture is virus-free!

Protecting and Maintaining the Fabrics

As people have different techniques for cleaning furniture, there are four other methods always to remember! But, these methods may vary depending on the type of fabric. 

  1. Regular cleaning: It’s best to do daily cleaning, removing any dust and debris that could damage the fabrics to ensure your furniture looks good for much longer.
  2. Vacuum Fabrics: Vacuuming provides a deeper cleaning to ensure that no dirt is left on the furniture that could slowly damage the furniture over time. Continue to do this, and your furniture will remain better for longer!
  3. Removing stains: Stains by far are one thing to fear when it comes to your beautiful furniture. However, using the right techniques and products to remove the stains will help provide a cleaner look to your fabrics.
  1. Deep Cleaning: Finally, depending on your fabrics, it is vital to provide a deep cleaning to remove any build-up of dirt. Methods may include steaming the fabrics, if removable, placing them in a washer, or using other cleaners.

How to Disinfect Your Furniture  

As mentioned above, depending on the fabric, specific techniques may vary. However, for most fabrics, these methods to disinfect your furniture is the way to go!

  1. Soap and water: During this pandemic, washing your hands with soap and water is crucial to prevent the spreading of the virus, so why not do the same with your fabrics? Cleaning fabrics with soap and warm water is the simplest yet most efficient way to keep your furniture clean and looking good. This method is suitable for all types of fabrics!
  2. Using Alcohol: Using 75% alcohol to clean your fabrics is perfect to fight against viruses and bacteria but also is very effective!
  1. Steaming: This is a method that does not require any chemicals! By using high temperatures and pressure onto the fabrics, it will lift any unwanted dirt as well as removing bacteria! It’s highly recommended to use this method on wool, polyester, and wool.  
  2. Antibacterial Spray/Wipes: Like using alcohol, this method is best used for vinyl, polyester, and propylene. It uses biocidal agents to remove any bacteria lingering on your furniture!

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