Vals Sofa Set (6 SEATER)

General Information

  • It is a product of a modern and stylish design with its modern style, P arm structure and button and puller applications in the arm sections.
  • Thanks to the bed mechanism in triple units, it has the ability to be easily bed.
  • It is a product that will be a reflection of your preferences with the color combinations you will make according to your preference with alternative color options.
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Extra Features


Product sizes

  • Single Seat

    Depth:93.00 cm
    Width:81.00 cm
    Height:98.00 cm
  • Double seat

    Depth:100.00 cm
    Width:168.00 cm
    Height:79.00 cm
  • Triple Seat

    Depth:100.00 cm
    Width:222.00 cm
    Height:79.00 cm
  • Triple Seat (Bed Position)

    Depth:120.00 cm
    Width:181.00 cm
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