Santino Bedroom Set

With its useful and comfortable design, your life will be easier and better.

General Information

  • In the Santino Bedroom Set color configuration, generally white and oak colors are used.
  • There are 4 wardrobe alternatives as 4-Door, 5-Door, 6-Door and Sliding Door.
  • Materials that are human health friendly and contain no carcinogenic substances are used in E1 standards. These materials are scratch, friction and fire resistant in terms of use and have easy cleaning feature.
  • A slowing system has been used on the unit covers and product functionality has been increased by preventing rapid collisions.
  • The units are used with high feet above the ground and ease of cleaning is provided.
  • Visuality is brought to the fore thanks to the paneling effect on the covers.
  • Thanks to the elegant handle application and the high foot structure, the team has a modern atmosphere.

Concept Products

Santino Dining Room Set , Santino Compact Tv Unit


Extra Features


Product sizes

  • 5 Door Wardrobe

    Depth:60.80 cm
    Width:212.00 cm
    Height:210.60 cm
  • Wardrobe with 4 doors

    Depth:60.80 cm
    Width:169.60 cm
    Height:210.60 cm
  • Sliding Door Wardrobe

    Depth:63.90 cm
    Width:200.00 cm
    Height:209.60 cm
  • 160 Bedstead

    Width:165.50 cm
    Height:115.00 cm
  • Dressing Table

    Depth:44.80 cm
    Width:100.40 cm
    Height:84.00 cm
  • Toilet Mirror

    Depth:10.00 cm
    Width:75.00 cm
    Height:54.20 cm
  • Şifonyer

    Depth:44.80 cm
    Width:49.60 cm
    Height:104.00 cm
  • Commode

    Depth:34.80 cm
    Width:49.60 cm
    Height:51.50 cm
  • 6 Door Wardrobe

    Depth:60.80 cm
    Width:254.40 cm
    Height:210.60 cm


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