Santino Armchair

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General Information

  • With the vertical quilting applications in the sitting and back sections, the minimal arm sleeve structure and the retro foot design, the concept harmony is ensured with Santino Bedroom and Dining Room Sets.
  • Berjer has very different and effective design details with its splitting application and soft lines on its back.
  • There is an alternative to a double sofa and our customers can choose our product as “Sofa Set da.
  • With Zero-Wall bearing mechanism; In addition to its modern design, functional difference has been achieved

Concept Products

Santino Dining Room Set , Santino Compact Tv Unit, Santino Bedroom Set


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Extra Features


Product sizes

  • Bergere

    Depth:91.00 cm
    Width:75.00 cm
    Height:102.00 cm
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