Orleon Corner Set

General Information

  • Orleon Corner Set; With its modern lines, comfortable sitting comfort and ergonomic design, it stands out.
  • High foot structure, button and puller applications located on the back will create a modern line to living spaces.
  • Thanks to the bed mechanism, the corner triple unit offers both bed and storage space with easy movement.
  • It offers a very functional usage with its coffee table function in the corner extension unit of our product.


That corner comfort corner, this corner elegance corner İst The most comfortable corner sets met with İstikbal. Unlike other corner sets, Orleon finds comfortable décor in your room with its polite and elegant corner set design. It fits into every room on every square meter by offering easy placement.

Extra Features


Product sizes

  • Single Seat

    Depth:88.00 cm
    Width:76.00 cm
    Height:95.00 cm
  • Corner seat

    Depth:225.00 cm
    Width:260.00 cm
    Height:86.00 cm
  • Corner Sofa (Bed Position)

    Depth:113.00 cm
    Width:150.00 cm
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