Mira Dining Room Set

Mira Dining Room Set

General Information

  • It has a very elegant and elegant design with both color and materials used.
  • Materials that are human health friendly and contain no carcinogenic substances are used in E1 standards. These materials are scratch, friction and fire resistant in terms of use and have easy cleaning feature.
  • A slowing system has been used on the unit covers and product functionality has been increased by preventing rapid collisions.
  • Along with the color combination, it is visually supported by team design.
  • While adding extra beauty to living spaces with its different style and stylish design, the team is visually enriched with its modern lines, frame effect on the covers and elegant appearance.
  • High feet are used in the units and cleaning is provided easily.
  • It stands out with its color harmony, style, details that appeal to subtle tastes and aesthetic design.
  • With the inscription table feature, the table can be up to 6 persons when closed, and 8 persons after opening.
  • Thanks to the tempered glass, both the glass durability quality is increased and the damage that may arise due to the disintegration feature at the time of breaking
    It is reduced to a minimum level.
  • With the stop system used on the product covers, possible impacts are prevented.

Concept Products

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Liva Dining Room Set

Extra Features


Product sizes

  • Showcase

    Depth:43.00 cm
    Width:108.80 cm
    Height:163.60 cm
  • Buffet

    Depth:45.20 cm
    Width:186.00 cm
    Height:79.80 cm
  • Buffet Mirror

    Width:160.20 cm
    Height:47.00 cm
  • Gumusluk

    Depth:43.00 cm
    Width:56.50 cm
    Height:162.80 cm
  • Plasma Tv Table

    Depth:45.20 cm
    Width:185.80 cm
    Height:61.70 cm
  • Dinner table

    Depth:90.00 cm
    Width:204.00 cm
    Height:77.30 cm


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