Luis Bedroom Set

General Information

  • The Luis Bedroom Set uses oak and opaque white foil and is visually stylish and distinctive in style.
  • Human health friendly, carcinogenic materials are used in E1 standards.
  • Functionality has been increased by using shelves and clothes hangers that allow easy placement of clothes in the wardrobe.
  • High feet are used in the units and ease of cleaning is provided.
  • Sliding door, 6 door and 5 door wardrobe alternatives are available according to your preference.
  • The unit covers are equipped with a decelerating system and the product functionality is increased by preventing rapid impacts.
  • With the harmony of white and oak, design and the use of different materials together, the tool is visually enriched.
  • Dressing table mirror and tassel applications on the mirror stand out from the floor high structure.

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2019 Collection Luis Product Features

Extra Features


Product sizes

  • 5 Door Wardrobe

    Depth:60.60 cm
    Width:224.50 cm
    Height:210.06 cm
  • Wardrobe with Sliding Door

    Depth:63.40 cm
    Width:234.00 cm
    Height:212.60 cm
  • Dressing Table

    Depth:45.80 cm
    Width:99.70 cm
    Height:89.00 cm
  • Toilet Mirror

    Width:57.00 cm
    Height:100.00 cm
  • Şifonyer

    Depth:45.80 cm
    Width:50.00 cm
    Height:118.20 cm
  • 6 Doors Wardrobe

    Depth:60.60 cm
    Width:269.40 cm
    Height:210.60 cm
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