Lucas Sofa Set

General Information

  • With its simple stylish design and different case structure, the atmosphere of your home will change.
  • Modern back cushion and blue foot structure ensure concept integrity.
  • Human health friendly, carcinogenic materials are used in E1 standards.
  • High feet are used in the units and ease of cleaning is provided.
  • There are 3 different foot color alternatives as Blue, Walnut and White.

Concept Products

Lucas Bedroom Set , Lucas Dining Room Set , Lucas Compact TV Unit , Lucas Coffee Table , Julia Lucas 6881 Blue

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Extra Features


Product sizes

  • Triple Sofa

    Depth:88.00 cm
    Width:218.00 cm
    Height:82.00 cm
  • Bergere

    Depth:90.00 cm
    Width:80.00 cm
    Height:96.00 cm
  • Double Sofa

    Depth:88.00 cm
    Width:172.00 cm
    Height:82.00 cm
  • Triple Sofa (Bed Position)

    Depth:113.00 cm
    Width:185.00 cm
    Height:64.00 cm
  • Double Sofa (Bed Position)

    Depth:113.00 cm
    Width:134.00 cm
    Height:64.00 cm
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