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General Information

  • A product that will make a difference in your life with its modern avant-garde style.
  •  The product has stylish details with its stylish design, puller applications on the back of the double and triple units and the movable style back design.
  •  The units are high on the floor and easy to clean.
  •  It can be easily bed with the backrest mechanism used.
  •  Liva dining and bedroom are designed as a concept for our products.

Concept Products

Liva Bedroom Set, Liva Dining Room Set


What do you expect from a living room? Frequency? Comfort? Ease? And the most beautiful colors

Extra Features


Product sizes

  • Triple Sofa

    Depth:90.00 cm
    Width:221.00 cm
    Height:81.00 cm
  • Bergere

    Depth:84.00 cm
    Width:75.00 cm
    Height:100.00 cm
  • Double Sofa

    Depth:90.00 cm
    Width:172.00 cm
    Height:81.00 cm
  • Triple Sofa (Bed Position)

    Depth:111.00 cm
    Width:182.00 cm
  • Double Sofa (Bed Position)

    Depth:111.00 cm
    Width:130.00 cm


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