Ferro Base

Ferro plinth is the perfect combination of strength, practicality and elegance. Thanks to its metal construction, it is strong enough to carry all your cargo safely. While its specially designed headboard creates an extraordinary look, it complements the elegance of your bed in an economical way. Ferro plinth, which is available in cream, coffee and copper color alternatives, is waiting for you with its single and double dimensions.


General Information

  • Leather upholstery in different colors
  • Safety shock absorber and support scissors
  • Metal Construction Case
  • Electrostatic paint against rust and external effects
  • Wide chest feature
  • Six easily cleaned with high feet

Concept Products

Ferro Title

Base Height


Product sizes

  • Bed Base – Size Table

  • Bed Base – Size Table -1

Base Height

Total Base Height38 cm
Case Height31 cm
Foot Height7 cm

Base Dimensions

  • 90×190 cm
  • 90×200 cm
  • 100×200 cm
  • 120×200 cm
  • 140×190 cm
  • 140×200 cm
  • 150×190 cm
  • 150×200 cm
  • 160×190 cm
  • 160×200 cm
  • 180×200 cm
  • 200×200 cm


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