Electro Bed Base Set

General Information

Electro Baza-Bed Set Features
  •  It provides comfort and convenience thanks to the motor feature that allows movement of four different regions.
  • The moving head, neck and back regions allow easier sitting, straightening and more comfortable movement in the bed.
  •  It provides the desired settings in the comfort environment with its remote control.
  •  120 * 200 and 160 * 200 are available in two different sizes.
  •  22 cm high Electro Bed fabric is designed with soft touch knitted fabric, removable and washable with zipper design.
  • Electro Mattress has pocket spring system and is fully orthopedic and very comfortable.


Electro Baza-Bed Set Features

Base Height


Product sizes

  • 160×200

    Depth:210.00 cm
    Width:174.50 cm
    Height:123.50 cm
  • Base Head – Size Table

    Depth:240.00 cm
    Width:134.50 cm
    Height:123.50 cm

Base Height

Total Base Height
Case Height
Foot Height
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